Practice of magnetic field therapy


First edition English, 2000
Hardback edition: 321 pages
Publishing company: Internationale Ärztegesellschaft für Energiemedizin (IGEM)
Author: Dr. med. univ. Christian Thuile
ISBN: 3-9500982-2-4

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Practice of magnetic field therapy

Despite its age (year 2000), this book is still a "must-read" for anyone wishing to explore the practical application of pulsating magnetic fields.

In addition to basic knowledge of magnetic fields, magnetic field therapy, resonance, magnetic resonance stimulation, etc. Thulie also very detailed on the practical application.

Also applications of A-Z are listed. Includes medical practitioners' reports and references to existing studies.

Suitable for doctors and naturopaths but also for the interested layman.

Note: Due to the age, the practical application recommendations are still related to the VITA-LIFE MRS2000+ system. Since magnetic resonance stimulation is also used in the successor systems (VITA-LIFE eMRS / R-System), this work is also of practical and theoretical relevance when using the successor systems.

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