VITAmahé Sujet

Increasing environmental impact, chemicals in our food, as well as professional and private stress causes our body to be weakened.
Lack of energy, drive weakness, fatigue or lack of concentration but also a disturbance of our digestive system can be the result.

Again and again we are made aware that the intestine is the root of human health. This determines our well-being, vitality and health. It is the basis for a healthy body, well-being and a clear mind. If our digestive system is weakened, it has a negative impact on our body. So it is not surprising that 80% of all diseases have their origin in the intestine.

An old folk wisdom says: "Death is in the gut". If stomach and intestinal flora are disturbed in their function, putrefactive substances can spread in the intestine. If you look at our current way of life or the way we eat, it becomes very clear why severe digestive problems can occur.

Through a combination of ingredients, the ectoflora of herbs and the beneficial accompanying effect of the low pH value of VITAmahé, formation of putrefaction can be largely eliminated.

The combination of traditional knowledge from natural medicine and innovative technology makes the uniqueness. The worldwide unique manufacturing process makes VITAmahé a revolutionary and vitalizing food.

The herbs for VITAmahé come from cultivated areas where different herbs, which match their nature and characteristics, can flourish in a symbiosis. Herbs from wild collections are therefore also given preference, because there is such a symbiosis in natural growth.

In pristine regions of the Alps, most herbs are harvested by VITAmahé. Among other things, the precious mixture contains extracts from the following plants: basil leaves, nettle leaves, shepherd's purse, Roman chamomile, ribwort leaves, marigolds, lovage leaves, marshmallow leaves, elderflower, lime blossom, sage leaves, thyme, dead-nettle herb.

The herbal extract is fermented and contains important lactobacilli for the intestinal flora, such as Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Lactobacillus farraginis.

Other ingredients besides the high-quality herbs are spring water from the Alps, molasses and sea salt.

VITAmahé is a high-quality herbal ferment with no foreign substances such as bacteria, fungi yeast or chemical substances are added to. The ingredients complement each other in their subtle effect. The essential feature of VITAmahé is the transformation of putrefaction into a rotten stage in the surrounding environment.