VITA-LIFE SPIN (ELF + RF) is a handy device which is plugged into the outlet.

It contains a mixture of minerals and precious metals (“MIXOS”) which harmonizes electric smog and radio frequencies (WiFi, Mobile phone,...).

1.) ELF (Extreme Low Frequency): 0 Hz bis 300 Hz
2.) RF (Radio Frequency): 100 kHz bis 300 GHz

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VITA-LIFE SPIN harmonizes electric smog in your home

Contrary to devices and facilities which fend off electromagnetic rays, VITA-LIFE SPIN prevents your cells from being attacked by electric smog.

VITA-LIFE SPIN „overrides“ electric smog so that it cannot do harm to the cells.

The radiation of electric devices which are plugged into the wall – at home or in the office – ceases to impact the organism – in one fell swoop.

Easy usage

Anwendungsschema von VITA-LIFE SPIN


1.) ELF (Extreme Low Frequency): 0 Hz - 300 Hz

All mains-operated elektronic devices.

2.) RF (Radio Frequency): 100 kHz - 300 GHz

Mobilephone, WiFi,etc.

But how does VITA-LIFE SPIN (RF+ELF) work?

The human cell oscillates within a certain frequency range. VITA-LIFE SPIN (RF+ELF) contains a mixture of minerals und precious metals (“MIXOS”) oscillating within the same frequency range as the human cell.

Electromagnetic rays oscillate in various frequency ranges, including the range of the cell. In this case, the electromagnetic rays might cause damage to the cell by disturbing cell communication and metabolism.
That is why VITA-LIFE SPINcontains MIXOS, and harmonizes the harmful radiation. MIXOS interferes with the harmful electric smog.

You do not have to shield every single source of electric smog or watch out for shielded cables and wires. The system of wires works as an “antenna” for VITA-LIFE SPIN, which – under these circumstances – can easily and immediately unfold its harmonising effects.


Find out more about VITA-LIFE SPIN and electric smog here.

Please note
For legal reasons we point out that the effects of VITA-LIFE SPIN are not 100 % scientifically proven. This is the case with the majority of methods in alternative or natural medicine (e.g. homeopathy) and so it is for VITA-LIFE SPIN. Our clients are aware of the fact that VITA-LIFE SPIN is a product outside the framework of conventional science. We also point out that VITA-LIFE SPIN is not offered to diagnose, heal or prevent diseases.


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