Service package for applicators and accessories


For single or multiple components / accessories such as biofeedback sensor, program chip card, light glasses, headphones, power supply, applicators.
(No whole systems or control units!)

Delivery time: 3 - 5 daysDelivery time: 3 - 5 days
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Service package for applicators and accessories

Checking, fault diagnosis and making a cost estimate for the repair (or repair or replacement) of applicators (mat or cushion) and accessories of VITA-LIFE magnetic field systems*).

*) VITA-LIFE magnetic field systems include ALL product generations since 1995:
SALUT1, MRS2000, MRS2000+ (home and med), eMRS-Systems, R-Systems

After purchasing this item, you may send us one or more defective components or accessories.

For example: Biofeedback sensor, program chip card, light glasses, headphones, power supply, applicators (no whole systems or control units!)

Please also enclose the completed service form  (> Download HERE) with the correct description of the error.

Package shipping to:

VITA LIFE HandelsgmbH
Gewerbepark 1
9220 Velden am Wörthersee

The service you purchased includes:

  • Working time for fault diagnosis
  • Preparation of the offer for repairs
  • Shipping costs for return

After checking and error diagnosis, you will receive an offer for the repair of your system.

NOTE 1: In some cases a defect can only be diagnosed in the interaction of ALL system components (control unit + mat and / or cushion or biofeedback sensor).
In such cases, the commissioning of SPS2 "Service Package Systems & Control Devices" makes perfect sense

NOTE 2: If it is possible to rule out from the outset that a component or accessory can be repaired as described in the OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS or in consultation with the VITA-LIFE Service Center, we recommend that you purchase the component directly.

Offers for repairs / exchanges are valid for 2 weeks from the offer date. If you order the repair / replacement within this period, we will issue it according to the offer.

If you do not wish to carry out any repairs / exchanges, we will return your items upon request unrepaired or dispose of it free of charge. Exchanges are no longer returned and are disposed of free of charge.

Note: The cost of this service package is non-refundable.

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