Application guideline VITA-LIFING

VITA-LIFING - Clinical manual for the R-System

Co-author: Univ. Prof. Dr. med. Johana Hübscher
67 pages, paperbound.

This handbook is intended to help the physician or alternative practitioner, the physiotherapist and the MTA and MTF as well as the ambitious home user to get the best possible benefit from the VITA-LIFE R system and to achieve optimal success.

The book is intended as a fast reference book for practice.

It describes, among other things, the application possibilities, the mechanisms of action, biofeedback, finger sensor and heart rate variability (HRV) as well as the corresponding diagram on the display of the R system and also the programs.

Intensities, duration of use, duration until effect, ineffectiveness and individual sensations are described as well as general application possibilities with medical indications.

Important note: This book is not suitable for making diagnoses or proposing treatments for diseases; always consult a member of the healing professions for this purpose. (See also: Magnetic resonance stimulation and medicine)