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1. Online Content
The author assumes no responsibility for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of information provided. Liability claims against the author relating to material or immaterial nature caused by use or disuse of the information or the use of incorrect and incomplete information are excluded, unless the author is not intentional or grossly negligent Fault. All offers are non-binding. The author reserves the right to change parts of or the entire offer without prior notice, add to, delete or temporarily or permanently.

2. References and Links

For direct or indirect links to other Internet sites (links) which lie outside the responsibility of the author, liability would only arise in the case in strength, in which the author is aware of the contents and it is technically possible and reasonable to prevent the use of illegal content. The author explains hereby expressly that at the time of linking, no illegal content was found on the linked pages. The author has no control on the current and future design, contents or authorship of the linked pages. Therefore, he distances himself from all contents of all linked pages which were changed after the link. This applies to all within the own Internet offer set left and references as well as to foreign entries in guest books, discussion forums and mailing lists. For illegal, incorrect or incomplete contents and for damages resulting from the use or disuse of such information, only the provider of the site referred to, and not the one who has linked to these pages.

3. Copyright and Trademarks
The author endeavors to respect the copyrights of the graphics, sound files, video sequences and texts, to use his own graphics, sound documents, video sequences and texts or to use graphics, sound files, video sequences and texts. All within the Internet offer and possibly protected brands and trademarks are the provisions of applicable trademark law and the rights of the copyright owner. The mere mention does not imply that trademarks are not protected by law! The copyright for publications by the author himself remains solely with the author. Any reproduction or use of graphics, sound files, video sequences and texts in other electronic or printed publications without the express permission of the author is not allowed.

4. Privacy Policy
If the opportunity for the input of personal or business data (email addresses, name, addresses) is given, the input of these data takes place voluntarily. The use and payment of all services offered - if technically possible and reasonable - without specification of any personal data or under specification of anonymized data or an alias.

5. Legal validity of this disclaimer
This disclaimer is to be regarded as part of the internet publication which you were referred to on this page. If sections or individual terms of this statement are not legal or correct, the remaining parts of the document in their content and validity.


General terms of use

The vita-life website is providing information and data as well as information of other websites via hyperlinks (internet links). These information and data are solely for informative use without pleading or bank on that they are up-to-date, correct or complete.

§ 1 Area of application
VITA LIFE HandelsgmbH is responsible only for content which is created, provided and published by them. The terms of use are applied to the content of the websites as well as the corresponding sub-domains.

§ 2 Liability
vita-life is not liable for content or programmes which are disseminated via the vita-life website, nor is vita-life responsible for damages which occur from these content or effected these damages except those raised deliberately and grossly negligent by vita-life. This is applied to all kinds of damages, particularly damages which can occur through malfunctions, delays or errors arising in the transmission, technical malfunctions or malfunctions of services, false contents, loss or extinction of data, damages which can occur by virus or by any other use of the online supply.

vita-life is not liable for failures in quality of accessibility out of superior force or out of incidents which are not represented by vita-life especially the breakdown of communication networks and gateways.

vita-life is not responsible for contents, correctness, legitimacy and functionality of internet sites of third parties which are referred to via links on the vita-life website. Page views via links are always at one’s own risk.
§ 3 Copyright
The vita-life website content, amongst the choice and the arrangement of content, belongs to vita-life and is copyrighted and protected by various rights. vita-life does not transfer any rights for website content which is downloaded or applied by a user. This website may not be changed, copied, republished, transmitted, disseminated, distributed or sold without approval by vita-life. The material may only be used for private, non-commercial purposes strictly following copyright restrictions.

Exceptions from these imperatives and bans require explicit consent of vita-life, which can also be given through relevant and noticeable information or terms of use in the particular section of the website.

The unapproved use or the unapproved copying of website-content or the use of website-content transgressing these terms can lead to infringement of trademark-, copy- and other protection rights as well as infringement of regulations by civil and penal law. The users are prohibited to use the website content in any way that transgresses trademark-, copy- and any other protection rights. vita-life reserves all rights concerning such an unapproved usage or infringement of these terms.

§ 4 Protection of trademark
Trademarks, logos, Internet addresses, names of products or types (or derivations) which describe products, support or services of vita-life or of associated companies or which contain the word “vita-life” are trademarks and/or the proprietary of vita-life or associated companies.

Out of technical reasons and for a better readability the „®“-sign is left out after protected names, products and logos placed on the website. If a name, a product or a logo appears on the vita-life websites without the trademark-sign this does not mean any relinquishment of a commercial protection right gained by vita-life.

The use of trademarks, logos, Internet addresses, product- or type names or derivations or of any alterations of the same is prohibited (unless explicitly allowed in writing by vita-life). Any unauthorised usage of trademarks is forbidden. The access to this website does not imply any permission of usage rights of trademarks and there are no rights or licences of copyrights, patents and trademarks granted in connection with this website.

§ 5 Data protection
vita-life commits to observing the legal regulations of data protection. The personal data transmitted via the vita-life website are treated as strictly confidential and are not handed on to third parties.

The user agrees upon data collection, processing and utilisation of individual-related data, as far as required for creation, definition in respect of content or amendment of contractual relationship referring to usage of hotlines (so-called stock data) and for accounting (so-called billing-data). The user agrees furthermore upon data collection, processing and utilisation of data via usage of teleservices insofar as this is recommended to enable the user to draw on teleservices (so-called usage data).

When a user is visiting the vita-life website the vita-life web servers are recording the IP-address of the Internet service provider of the user by default, also the website from which the user is visiting the vita-life website as well as date and duration of visit. By infringing these terms of use, vita-life reserves it’s right to use this recorded IP-address for prosecution of claims under civil law and for clarification of criminal offences.

The user agrees upon processing and utilisation of stock data for reasons of consultancy, marketing and marketing research.

Particularly in this context it is referred to the data protection law (DSG, LR 235.1).

§ 6 Caveat emptor
Up to the legally allowed extent we exclude any legal liability in terms of data, services or content of this website. These data, these services or content are placed at disposal ‘as seen’ and ‘as available’ as is.

vita-life takes no responsibility for the interrupt-free and error-free working of the website nor for correction of errors. Similarly vita-life takes no responsibility for the correctness of the content of the vita-life website.

§ 7 Alterations of terms of use
vita-life reserves its right to alter these terms of use any time. There is no explicit information given about an alteration of the terms of use. The user has to check the terms of use for alterations periodically and autonomously.

§ 8 Final clauses
These terms of use and the whole privities of contract between users and the vita-life website are subjected to the law of the Princedom of Liechtenstein.

If several regulations of these terms of use should be or should become void, the rest of the terms of use are still valid.

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